Crown Lengthening

You may have asked your periodontist about procedures to improve a “gummy” smile because your teeth appear short. Your teeth may actually be the proper lengths, but they’re covered with too much gum tissue. To correct this, your periodontist performs a dental crown lengthening procedure.

Before Dental Crown Lengthening Procedure

After Dental Crown Lengthening Procedure

During the dental crown lengthening procedure, excess gum and bone tissue is reshaped to expose more of the natural tooth. This can be done to one tooth, to even your gum line, or to several teeth to expose a natural, broad smile.

Your dentist or periodontist may also recommend dental crown lengthening to make a restorative or cosmetic dental procedure possible. Perhaps your tooth is decayed, broken below the gum line, or has insufficient tooth structure for a restoration, such as a crown or bridge. Crown lengthening adjusts the gum and bone level to expose more of the tooth so it can be restored

The Crown Lengthening Procedure

The crown lengthening procedure is performed under local anesthesia to minimize any discomfort, and takes about an hour to perform, although the time period may vary depending on the number of teeth being treated. During the procedure, the periodontist will make incisions in the gums to create a flap, which will allow access to the tooth root and surrounding bone. Gum tissue may then be removed to reveal enough of the tooth structure, although some cases may require bone removal as well. Bone removal is a more intricate process that involves several different surgical tools. The teeth may appear longer than usual after bone and gum removal, since more of the actual tooth is now exposed.

Recovery after a Crown Lengthening

After the crown lengthening procedure, the treated area will be sutured and dressed in a protective bandage to promote proper healing. It is recommended that patients apply ice to the region to reduce swelling and minimize discomfort. It is also recommended that the patient follow a soft diet for the first few days after treatment.

Patients are required to return to the periodontist’s office 1 to 2 weeks after the procedure. At this point the sutures will be removed and the healing process will be evaluated. The crown or filling will not be placed on the treated tooth until at least three months after the lengthening procedure to ensure that the tooth is fully healed and prepared for restoration.

Although crown lengthening is considered safe for most patients, there is some risk of infection, bleeding and sensitivity to hot or cold food or drink.

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